Expansive View of Writing

Writing is much more than pen-to-paper. The contemporary view of writing or composing involves visual, aural, digital, audio, writing for performance–composing in genres that live in the world and circulate in the disciplines.

This writing might include having students

  • composing posters and other presentational materials such as scripted, voiced-     over Power Point or Prezi presentations;
  • producing representative literature reviews or annotated subject bibliographies;
  • framing a research question and designing an experiment;
  • curating, organizing, translating, visualizing or introducing data;
  • designing questions, written protocols and a research framework for interviews, plus conducting, transcribing, translating, editing, and introducing the results
  • making informed comments on widely-read weblogs or developing and participating in a class blog;
  • writing documentary pitches, scripts, and storyboards;
  • shooting, editing, publishing and publicizing a film;
  • composing op eds and other journalistic pieces for real submission to publications;
  • revising Wikipedia articles;
  • composing arts reviews for print or digital environments
  • writing, recording, and submitting for radio opportunities;
  • developing a disciplinary magazine with a team of writers and editors, then “selling” that magazine to people in the field in a formal presentation;
  • developing finely tuned and succinct field notes in an investigation
  • writing complete notes and copy for use in a radio broadcast or sports announcing
  • developing a website
  • scripting, recording, and editing a podcast