Research Projects in Online Environments

27 Jan

In this workshop, Sarah Morris unpacks some of the unique challenges and opportunities of designing and structuring class research projects in an online environment. The primary goal of this workshop is to help you discover ways to introduce meaningful and engaging research opportunities to your students. Sarah will introduce a variety of ideas and approaches that you can use to help your students develop critical information literacy skills, grow as researchers, and form enriching and dynamic learning communities in your online classroom environment.

Radical Multimodal Revision

26 Jan

This in-class writing activity allows students to practice radical revision and multimodal composition through a series of timed prompts. Each 5-minute prompt asks students to revise their essay into a radically different form, such as an illustration, a Tweet, or a poem. The lesson wraps up with sharing sessions and a debriefing conversation about concepts of revision, genre, and multimodality.

Assigning a Podcast Series in the Classroom

18 Sep

In this workshop, David Morgen will share insights, advice, and practical resources to effectively manage having students create a podcast series in a class. We’ll go from developing the fundamental assignments to getting students to buy in on the series to assessing the finished episodes. And we’ll also discuss platforms for hosting and publishing audio and how to syndicate your class podcast to iTunes.