Using Podcasts in the Writing Class

18 Oct

David Morgen. Multi-media Writing in the Writing-Infused Class: Podcasting

In this workshop, participants will consider the usefulness of including podcasting and other audio assignments in their classes. David Morgen will share insights, advice, and practical resources to effectively manage bringing these types of assignments into the classroom. He will also discuss platforms for hosting and publishing audio and how to syndicate your podcast to iTunes.

Sheila Tefft. Engaging Students with the Public: Digital Projects to Build Science Literacy

Student multimedia assignments can lend effective voices to raising public understanding of science. Podcasts, videos and animation produced as part of a science curriculum connect the classroom to the public square and involve students in efforts to boost science literacy, particularly among their contemporaries. This workshop will demonstrate multimedia projects used in Emory science and writing courses and ways young scientists have shared their course work to broaden science awareness. Workshop leader is Sheila Tefft, who specializes in science writing about health and climate change, composition and multimedia journalism, and was a reporter, editor and foreign correspondent for almost 25 years. Please join us for the workshop. Refreshments provided.

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