Becoming metacognitive thinkers about the ordinary practices of our lives sometimes challenge us. We walk on the path of our lives, doing, acting, saying, performing routines which almost become automatic. Teachers desire students to become active agents of their learning, taking responsibility for the learning they do in the classroom, and even more so out of the classroom. Teachers can model active engagement by spending time reflecting about their teaching practices and by continuing to be learners themselves.

WAE is a conversation among peers, people who care that they do not merely become routine performers in a classroom. We cross the boundary from routine (that daily hard asphalt of reading, assigning, assessing) to examining our practices, our values, and the intersections with our students. We delight in strolling over the boardwalk to new shores, exploring the whys and hows of our teaching.

Come walk with us in this conversation. We are always hoping for new voices and new ideas.

(image credit: “crossing the boundaries” by David Morgen.)